Go Pro

Do what you love the most as a job and explore the world while meeting diverse people!


The first step to becoming a pro! You will get the chance to taste diving skills and knowledge for pros.

Assistant Instructor

You will learn the basics of teaching technique and how to teach various Specialty Courses.


After this course and passing the Instructor Examination, you will be qualified to teach all the recreational courses!

Specialty Instructor

You can enrich your quality as an instructor with Specialty Instructor courses. Take whatever course you like one by one and nurture your strength!

IDC Staff Instructor

It is your first step to leadership level in teaching. As an IDC Staff Instructor, you can independently teach the PADI Assistant Instructor course.

With NB Divers, anyone can enjoy diving safe and fun through a thorough education.

We offer the best diving service with two PADI Course Directors, both have over 10 years’ experience in the field, four full-time instructors, and over 20 freelance instructors.


Reasons why you should choose us!

1. World-class Dive Center
NB Divers, the PADI Career Development Center, has educated over 5,000 divers for ten years. There are two Course Directors, the highest instructor achievement in the PADI System, at NB Divers and they manage all the education, dive tours and consultation in person. As a PADI CDC, your certification applied by NB Divers not only satisfies the ISO requirements, but also can receive academic credit depending on the university.
2. 100% Credibility

As a dive center awarded the “10 years of Outstanding Service” prize by PADI, NB Divers has put a premium on teaching each and every one of divers to be the best.

Under the slogan of “LEARN RIGHT, ENJOY FOREVER”, we’ve produced world-class divers with some principles. One, we teach only small members, less than three students per instructor, at once to focus on each one. Two, we try our best to upgrade our service through a regular team meeting. Three, we are always ready to catch up with the evolving curriculum.

3. Safety First

It is very important to know that not only the dive center, but also the instructor him/herself who will teach you have to get the insurance to start a diving course.

As a dive center, NB Divers is a member of the specialist diving insurance product, Willis and every one of the instructors of NB Divers is also the member of the insurance. So, don’t worry and sign up for the course! With our thorough practice-based learning, we prepare for the unexpected accident all the time.

4. After-Education Services for Divers

You can easily check our various activities at Naver Cafeand Facebook.

Major Activity
  • Scuba Tour
  • Use of New Gear
  • Divers’ Party
  • Skill Practice at Pool
  • Underwater Photography
  • 5. Education adapted for Korean Seas

    NB Divers teaches you with proper equipment adapted for Korean Seas like drysuits, a thick hood and gloves and so on. NB Divers provides you various equipment so that you can enjoy diving warm and comfortable in almost every environment.

    Current Number of PADI Certification

    Beginner's Course / 2323 people
    Advanced Course / 2888 people
    Professional Course / 758 people
    5969 people at the moment